Captiv8 Micro

Stand Alone Passive Protocol Analyzer
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Captiv8 Micro

Stand Alone Passive Protocol Analyzer


Captiv8 Micro is an easy to use, packet capture device for monitoring ethernet networks.

What It Can Do For You

Captiv8 Micro is a stand-alone device that fits in the palm of your hand. It provides basic packet capture capabilities and it can be connected to a network and left to run unattended.

Why It’s Different

Captiv8 Micro is unique, offering a robust, standalone protocol analyzer that is cost effective and suitable for use by network operators, cable operators or system integrators requiring basic packet capture capabilities.


  • Very small form-factor approx 2"x4"x1"
  • 1G capture rate
  • tcpdump capture filter
  • Single RJ45 connection
  • SD card storage

  • SSH for configuration and control
  • SFTP for capture retrival
  • NTP time sync


Captive8 Micro supports subsystems such as the following:

  • Gateways
  • Switches
  • PBX's
  • Ethernet
  • PCAP for post-analysis in Wireshark, etc.

Configurable Parameters
  • Capture filter
  • Catpure schedule

Automation API


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Use Cases

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Captiv8 Micro
Captiv8 Micro

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Captiv8 Micro Monitoring System

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