Uncover new revenue streams. Create new revenue opportunities.


Uncover new revenue streams. Create new revenue opportunities

With the advent of new technologies, and a desire for consistency of services, many municipalities, government entities and carriers have created standards of performance.  

Navigating these test cases and proving capabilities can be a daunting task.

Valid8’s industry leading Protocol Engine Platform, when combined with deep consulting and services expertise, simplifies the process and helps create opportunities in new geographies with new clients.

Design, Creation and Execution of Test Scenarios

Valid8’s consulting team can create and execute the test scenarios based on performance and conformance standards, saving you time and resources better used for product development. In addition, to meet your service and business requirements, Valid8 can help you to design the optimal test scenarios in cases where the customer has not defined specific acceptance test scenarios.

Reusable Test Scenarios

Because the test scenarios created and executed by Valid8 are built on the Valid8 platform, they can be reused across geographies. For example, a carrier’s standard of performance in country 1 may be the same in country 2, opening a new sales opportunity.

Testing, Auditing and Debugging

Valid8 is an excellent partner for testing equipment in your lab, at a customer or in a field environment. Whether you are looking to drive new revenue or to prove capabilities with an existing customer. Valid8’s expert knowledge is an essential complement to your internal team. Our thorough industry and technology understanding makes Valid8 an invaluable test partner.

Broad Expertise Across Disciplines

The Valid8 Consulting team is equipped and experienced in a variety of areas of telecommunications. Whether it is the mission critical & public safety aspects of P25, MCX or NG911, or the traditional POTS, PBX, voice technologies such as VoIP, IMS, or mobile 3G, 4G, 5G, VoLTE, our experts understand the protocols and can help develop testing plans for security, performance, and compliance.

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