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Simulation Toolkits

Simul8r enables the user to create and run customizable message flows for many different simulated protocols. Each Toolkit focuses on a specific area (e.g. mobile security), interface (e.g. 5G N2) or protocol (e.g. SIP). These Toolkits are extensible by the end user or by Valid8's engineering services.


Emulators are software or hardware-based solutions that enable operators to mimic specific components of the mobile network to test security, performance, and capacity. Valid8 delivers emulation capabilities in Mobile Core 5G, 4G, 3G, HSS, IMS Core, PCRF and many more.


The Valid8 Conformance Test Suites are network conformance testing tools suitable for testing compliance to standards across a variety of protocols and interfaces including mission critical communications such as MC-PTT, MC-Video, MC-Data protocols and interfaces in the MCX domain, P25 ISSI CSSI, and SIP protocol and interfaces in the wireless and wireline network including STIR/SHAKEN.

Ian Carpenter, President and CEO of Valid8
Ian Carpenter President/CEO of Valid8

Valid8 is a network testing company with 20 years of proven results. We do things differently.

We believe network testing tools should start with a flexible and affordable base that can be easily customized so that clients only pay for what they need.

We believe if you buy a fixed or mobile network testing solution from us, we should help you use it and integrate it to solve your problem in the simplest way. We genuinely want to serve the customer well, and our engineers never hide behind call centers.

We are experts in affordable testing for existing and emerging technologies such as 5G, 4G/LTE, 3G/UMTS and the internet of things (IoT) as well as mission critical communications like MCX & P25 ISSI/CSSI.

Over 90% of our customer feedback points to our flexibility and service as the reason they've partnered with Valid8. We've succeeded in giving our clients a refreshing change from the testing status quo, and we look forward to sharing that success with you.

Customer Cases

Valid8 Customer Quotes
For us we needed to be able to attach multiple devices in a cost effective way.

I didn't want to be spending a lot of money and time and effort learning or setting up the entire eNodeB and core network when really all I needed was IP connectivity. It was reasonably clear in the material I could get and pay for what I needed, and not pay and spend time on a bunch of other stuff.
It's allowed us to have more units -- we already purchased a second unit. Here, we build wireless networks, so I thought maybe I should start purchasing internal gear and spend time and effort versus cost in dollars, but with Valid8 we don't have to -- that's why it's made sense for me. Internal equipment is fairly expensive.

Senior Software QA Engineer
@Global Leader in Communications Technology, 100,000+ Employees
Senior Software QA Engineer
Flexibility. Willingness to work with you. Even when we don't have an extensive amount of documentation and just trying to move forward. They're very good that way. That's one of the strengths of Valid8.

The thing I'm always after is, does it work. One time I needed this interface and we had a problem with [collaborating company name]. I needed to know for sure, is this problem on our side, or their side? When something goes wrong everyone always points at the other person. Ian was traveling to Canada for us and primarily Winnie as the engineering manager, she was with us and leading most of the effort.

Chief Technical Officer
@Leading Designer and Operator of Wireless Technology Solutions, 100+ Employees
Long street
Competitor pricing is outrageous. And I don't mind outrageous pricing, but when the product doesn't do the thing we bought it for, because it's an extra 5k for a license (nickel and diming for licensing) I don't appreciate that.

The last time I asked for support on a feature I wasn't familiar with, their support was not willing to educate me a bit, even though I'm the dumb user of their tool and I don't have training on their tool. They seemed reluctant. They would rather sell me a class than tell me how to use their tool.

Valid8's strength, which has certainly bought our loyalty, is the fact that we could approach Valid8 support to get our tools working on your Valid8 system. When we expressed a need for urgent support, Ian and his team have been responsive to that. Flexibility, and working with us to provide a solution to whatever it is that we're doing, that's what stands out.

Director of QA
@Ensures secure delivery of real time communication services to service providers - 15 years in business
What Valid8 does particularly well compared to others is flexibility and customization.

Their product allows them to do that because it's more software based -- it's not tied to hardware. The competitors' main products are hardware based. 

The most important thing to the client is ease of use. Testing is not always their expertise, they want someone to write the test script and do the test cases because they don't want to spend their resources and hours that way; in my experience, over the last three decades, that hasn't changed.

Managing Partner and Founder
@Asia Pacific Partner Corporation

Updates and News


Standards in Interoperability Discussions at Interop 2024

A recent panel discussion at the 2024 Interop event at the Texas A&M University ITEC Interoperability Institute highlighted trends affecting interoperability and critical communications.


Valid8 Demos End-to-End NG911 Network Emulation at IWCE

Valid8.com, Inc., successfully demonstrates a comprehensive NG911 network emulation using their industry leading protocol testing tools in collaboration with the Real-time Communications lab at the Illinois Institute of Technology


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