Valid8 Test Description language (VTDL)

VALID8 test methodology

Valid8 Test Description Language (VTDL) offers a methodology for rapidly modeling system behavior using state-machines within a structured architecture derived from the OSI 7-layer model. Designed by engineers to be a pragmatic solution for all types of protocol testing, it borrows from SDL and TTCN and builds upon them offering some unique capabilities.

For example, a vast majority of communication protocols are stateful and in most cases their specifications define them in a deterministic and stateful manner because this is how they are commonly implemented in production.

VTDL mirrors this practice by providing first-class support for state-machines and event driven message passing. This enables the modeling of behavior without the limitation of having to follow a blocking linear progression of messages allows cleaner handling of complex call flows as well as testing multiple interfaces within a single scenario that would otherwise be difficult to express in a sequential manner.

As such VTDL scenarios are not limited to conformance, they can be reused for load testing, feature testing and regression testing and emulation. This offers a unique testing migration path throughout the product lifecycle, supporting QA and engineers alike with a common language. It is not only designed for testing but for the development of emulators and prototyping network equipment at high load and availability.

Valid8 Test Description Language VTDL