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Flexible User Training

A major challenge for any company employing a new technology is how to ensure the operators and staff are capable of using the system to its fullest potential. An often overlooked component of any technology deployment is end-user training. And, in cases where training is performed, staff turnover leads to new hires who have only received anecdotal or other inadequate training, leaving them with a technology they are unable to use to its fullest potential.

Valid8 understands the critical nature of training and has developed flexible training programs to meet any needs. Valid8's customized, hand-on training program will ensure that your company is driving the maximum benefit from Valid8's industry leading testing technology.

On Site, at Valid8, or Online: Valid8 is able to offer training programs either at your offices or at the Valid8 headquarters or regional faculty. For dispersed geographic users, Valid8 offers online training.

Tailored to specific needs or audience: The Valid8 training team will work with you to determine the optimal training program, specifically focused on your audience or specific use cases..

For New Employees Staff New to the product: Valid8 is able to provide specific training in instances where new operators or departments are involved and need to understand the capabilities available to them. In addition, Valid8 offers refresher courses to help users improve their knowledge and skills.

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