Why are We Different?

Valid8 offers flexibility. Instead of giant packages with unnecessary features, Valid8 customizes solutions to needs.

We allow users to pay only for what they need, and work with them to solve their problem in the simplest way.

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The President and Head of Engineering Discuss
What Makes Them Different
Flexibility, and working with us to provide a solution to whatever it is that we're doing, that's what stands out about Valid8.

Customer Cases

Other vendors are less customizable. They give you what they give you out of the box.

A good example is SS7 testing we needed. Ian made a bunch of software mods to let us emulate multiple STPs in an SS7 network, whereas to do that [otherwise] we were looking at having to use a Telecordia lab facility. As a small company, it didn't make sense for us to go and buy test time there to use their million dollar STPs. Ian and the Valid8 team were able to look at the requirements, modify code, and emulate multiple STPs. It was an affordable test tool that saved us months of dev and testing as well as substantial cost.

Ever since  Ian came through on that, I said OK, this guy really knows how to deliver.

Systems Engineering Director
@Leading Operator of Secure Fixed and Mobile Satellite Communications