The ProtocolEngine platform delivers unique capabilities for the testing of signaling systems such as telecommunications and network equipment, web applications and APIs, and appliances.  Purpose-built from decades of experience and with the user in mind, the browser-based, Linux platform offers unmatched versatility and flexibility.

  • The modern and responsive user interface provides control, scenario editing, remote access and sharing capabilities.
  • Freely modified call-flows enable efficient team driven development and testing.
  • Quickly define new messages and protocols using the integrated editing capabilities.
  • Open HTTP API allows complete integration into existing test automation environments.
  • Flexible platform deployment on a variety of hardware form-factors fits any test environment.
Valid8 telecommunication devices

About ProtocolEngine

Built with engineers and end users in mind

The Valid8 engineering team use the same ProtocolEngine to develop all our products that we ship to customers. This provides a unique opportunity to extend and enhance the capabilities of the platform and enables rapid roll-out of new features.

Emulation capabilities excel at signaling and media

Valid8’s unique capabilities enable comprehensive product support from initial design and prototype, through testing and validation into production, accelerating time to market through reduced costs, training, and tool acquisition time while enabling knowledge sharing across groups.

Built-in data. audio and video capabilities allow tight integration into the test scenarios without offloading to a third-party.

Message-based, with high levels of code transparency for end users

Unlike opaque, pre-compiled systems, the messages flows between the test scenario all way through to protocol stack to egress is visible to the user via the system trace, allowing detailed logging and diagnosis.

Designed to scale

Scale across cores and servers enable it to support anything from small single stack simulations to core network emulation.


User Interface

A modern, intuitive, browser interface accelerates the learning curve by providing a familiar interface while offering unique scaling capabilities to fully automated load test across thousands of endpoints.

Phone Emulator
Protocol Engine


  • Hybrid scenario editor provides text and graphical modes offering the end-user full control over the behavioral aspects of the test implementation
  • Syntax highlighting and hints
  • Graphical view provides unique view of state machine behavior
  • Round-trip editing; changes made in the graphical view are reflected in the source text and vice-versa
  • Combine and split call –flows into reusable components


Valid8 Test Description Language (VTDL) offers an alternative methodology for modeling system behavior using state-machines within a structured architecture derived from the OSI 7-layer model. Designed by engineers to be a pragmatic solution for all types of protocol testing, it borrows from SDL and TTCN and builds upon them offering some unique capabilities.  

For example, a vast majority of communication protocols are stateful and in most cases their specifications define them in a deterministic and stateful manner because this is how they are commonly implemented in production.  

VTDL mirrors this practice by providing first-class support for state-machines and event driven message passing. This enables the modeling of behavior without the limitation of having to follow a blocking linear progression of messages allows cleaner handling of complex call flows as well as testing multiple interfaces within a single scenario that would otherwise be difficult to express in a sequential manner.

Learn More about Valid8 Test Description Language



  • Enables integration into existing test infrastructure for automated testing, reporting
  • Autom8 Python framework is provided to ease integration
  • Integrate with Jenkins and other CI/CD solutions

Control External Devices

  • Control external devices using HTTP, SSH, TCP and more  
  • Allows automated coordination of system under test
  • Start stop external capture devices


Multiple Interfaces

  • Supports Ethernet, POTS, TDM and STM interfaces
  • VLAN and DVLAN support
  • MAC spoofing