Location-to-Service Translation Protocol (LoST)


"LoST", for Location-to-Service Translation.  LoST satisfies the requirements for mapping protocols.  LoST provides a number of operations, centered around mapping locations and service URNs to service URLs and associated information.  LoST mapping queries can contain either civic or geodetic location information


The LoST protocol supports the following types of queries and responses:

  • <findService> and<findServiceResponse> : A LoST client retrieves contact URIs based on location information and a service identifier with this request and response.  The same query type may also ask for location validation and for service numbers, either combined with a mapping request or separately
  • <getServiceBoundary>and <getServiceBoundaryResponse> :  A LoST client obtains a service boundary with this request and response
  • <listServicesByLocation> and<listServicesByLocationResponse> : A LoST client can determine with this request and response which services are available for a specific location region.



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