Test Software IPv6 Suite

IPv6 Test Software through IOL INTACT
Test Software IPv6 Suite

IPv6 Test Software through IOL INTACT


The IPv6 Test Solution offers a complete suite of protocol-based compliance testing hardware and software running on Valid8's M3 Core Network Emulator using IOL INTACT® software to test customer devices and equipment. IOL INTACT® (Improving Networks Through Automated Conformance Testing), a custom software test tool developed by The University of New Hampshire InterOperability Lab (UNH-IOL) which runs seamlessly on the Valid8 M3 Core Network Emulator.

What It Can Do For You

The IOL INTACT software package in combination with Valid8's M3 3G and 4G Core Network Emulators is designed to deliver a comprehensive testing platform that includes real-time results and reporting for higher layer protocol testing including IPv6. Testing can be performed to determine compliance on a number of protocols over a mobile network. IOL INTACT software is flexible, easy to implement and will accelerate all of your in-house testing.

To learn more about the UNH InterOperability Lab and their INTACT test suite, click here. For Information on the Valid8 M3 Core Network Emulator, contact us

Why It’s Different

The combination of IOL INTACT with Valid8's M3 Core Network Emulator enables the following: 

  • Direct reduction in cost and time to perform testing
  • Access to state of the art testing facilities
  • Tools designed by recognized leaders in hardware, software and interoperatbility testing
  • IPv6 Ready Logo Testing from the University of New Hampshire InterOperability Lab


  • Robust test results reporting.
  • Automated Testing: Testing can be fully automated, enabling you to quickly identify issues.
  • Set Up Flexibility: The software offers flexibility as to where each of the 3 component are installed, giving you multiple setup options and simplicity integrating the tool into your existing lab environment.

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  • Track Progress: Automatically saves all individual test runs so you can compare runs and identify issues.
  • Multiple Reporting formats: Custom reports can be created through the tool in PDF & HTML that can be shared with team members.
  • Flexible support structure to best match your testing needs.

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The system includes the following sub-systems:


Attaches / Detaches


Configurable Parameters

Network Addressing

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Test Software IPv6 Suite

Use Cases

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Test Software IPv6 Suite
Test Software IPv6 Suite

Summary of Specifications


Product Details

Test Packages

IPv6 Core      1981, 2460, 4443, 4861, 4862, 5095

DHCPv6        3315, 3646, 3736


Actual throughput levels over radio may vary based on the 3rd party device manufacturer and software versions. Valid8 product specifications are subject to change at any time without notice.

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