Security Gateway Testing


Security Gateway (SWG) Testing Ensuring Interoperability, Reliability & Security

Ensure That Threats Do Not Breach Your Security Parameters

As cyber threats exponentially increase each year, each month and every day, testing your network becomes mission critical for network providers, facilitators and users!

Testing a network’s Security Gateway for interoperability, reliability, conformance and emulation

  • Traffic Inspection monitors in-coming and out-going traffic
  • Enforces access control
  • Validates authentication
  • Encryption/Decryption of data
  • Gateway for proxy Services
  • Logging and reporting of network activity

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Assurance & Flexibility In One

Identifying and understanding the workings of a web security gateway system, provides organizations the leverage to navigate cyber threats while maintaining secure protocols.

  • Enhanced security framework

Malware protection

  • Compliance & policy enforcement
  • Deployment flexibility
  • Optimize performance

Learn How Valid8 Product Solutions Can Achieve Your Testing Demands

  • Budget friendly - purchase only the components you need, with direct purchase and lease options
  • Our automated tests can be run over 5G, 4G or ethernet
  • Save time with the capability of performing multiple tests concurrently

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