IoT Load Tester

Emulate a city's worth of IoT devices!
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IoT Load Tester

Emulate a city's worth of IoT devices!


The Valid8 Internet of Things (IoT) Load Tester provides an all-in-one, cost-effective solution for emulating and testing against large numbers of IoT devices.

What It Can Do For You

The Valid8 IoT Load Tester is a fully automatable solution that addresses the unique challenges brought by IoT testing by supporting a wide range of protocols, industries, and manufacturers.

Why It’s Different

  • Scalable software-based architecture can run on a range of hardware from COTS and high-end customer provided hardware to Virtual Machines and the Cloud (e.g. Amazon AWS) for maximum versatility and performance
  • Web-based UI is easy to learn
  • HTTP API enable integration with automation test systems and other equipment
  • Stateful modeling provides accurate emulation of network elements


  • Measure Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) such as number of simultaneous sessions 
  • HTTP, MQTT, COAP, SIP sessions 
  • Generate valid and invalid/negative messages and call-scenarios 
  • Supports sending invalid responses including malformed, dropped and misordered packets
  •  Alerts and notifications

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  • Session Call Attempts 
  • Session Call Successes 
  • Session Call Failures 
  • Session Calls per second (CPS)
Configurable Parameters
  • Mobile Country Code
  • Mobile Network Code
  • eNodeB Type
  • IPAddresS1 Interface
  • IP Address eNodeB
  • Primary DNS Address
  • Secondary DNS Adress
  • MAC Address Public Gateway
  • GTP Tunnel IP Address and Port
  • GTP Tunnel eNodeB IP Address
  • Integrity Algorithm
  • IP Address to assign UEs on LAN

Automation API

User commands can be fully automated using REST API. This includes performing all test control functions as well as collecting results and metrics. It can be integrated into virtually any CI system via the HTTP API, including Jenkins, CircleCI, Gitlab and others. Includes Autom8 Python framework.


The application’s subsystems can be edited directly in the browser using TDL. The Message Workshop allows for the creation of test scenarios directly from the hex stream of a remote capture, while the Composer graphical editor (being deployed for all products in 2021) will allow for creating customized call scenarios by dragging and dropping the call flow to meet your test needs.
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IoT Load Tester

Use Cases

IoT Gateway Under Test

For testing the IoT Gateway, the Valid8 Tester can generate MQTT, COAP, HTTP, SIP calls to test performance and stability.

Supported Scenarios:
  • MQTT
  • COAP
  • SIP
  • HTTP
  • other on request
IoT Load Tester

Valid8 exports its products strictly in accordance with all US Export Control laws and regulations which shall apply to any purchase or order. Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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p: +1-855-482-5438
f: +1-781-996-3708

Ordering Information

Product Name: IoT Load Tester 

Product Code: iot-load-tester

Datasheet Page

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MCX Load Tester 

Product Code: sw-loader-mcx

Load options:
sw-loader-mcx-10 : 10 sessions, basic call
sw-loader-mcx-1000 : 100 sessions, basic call
sw-loader-mcx-10000 : 10,000 sessions, basic call (note: RTP enabled only for a subset of audio calls)

(others on request)

Protocol interface options:

Miscellaneous options:

network-emulator-internal-impairment-module : Security, fuzzing, penetration test

Licensing options:
node locked, floating

Datasheet Page