Testing Mission Critical PTT, Video, Data


Multi Domain

5G, 4G, WiFi, IMS,  Cloud/Lab

Multi Purpose

Security, Performance, Conformance, Customizable, Flooding, Fuzzing, Handovers

Multi Industry

Public Safety, Healthcare, Telecom, Manufacturing, Automotive,  Aerospace, Mining, Utilities

Testing Mission Critical PTT, Video, Data

The Valid8 MCX tester enables testing of SIP, Diameter, MBMS GTP and RTP/RTCP with Floor Control on the 4G/5G mobile network up to 3GPP Rel 15. It includes test scenarios for MC-PTT (Push-to-talk), MC-Data and MC-Video.

Product Options

MCX Load Tester

Mobile UE Tester

MCX Conformance (available soon)

MCX User Interface

Comprehensive MCX Testing

Diagram of MCX Testing

IWF Testing