A “4G Renaissance” Means That 4G Testing is Not Going Away Soon

Recently, RCR Wireless published an article, “OpenSignal: There’s a ‘4G renaissance’ happening as operators lay groundwork for 5G”.  The article discussed mobile operators efforts to bring 5G to life, and the impacts that transition is having for 4G networks.

The article points out that according to OpenSignal, all four national operator networks are citing increasing download speeds on their current 4G networks, indicating continued investment in both speed and capacity of those networks.

In the testing world, new technologies are promoting their ability to test 5G, even before 5G has launched.  In many cases, these new technologies will be limited to only testing 5G, leaving those companies still focused on 4G networks and devices left to search for another technology to test their current networks.  

This has been a challenge for operators since the beginnings of mobile technology.  With every new band or network comes the need for new testing, and, usually, the need for yet another device or technology to do the testing.  New technologies mean new hardware, different training, and a different provider, whether open source or otherwise.

Valid8 makes that challenge go away.  While we work diligent on comprehensive 5G testing technologies, they will add to our already extensive platform of testing capabilities covering 4G, 3G,IMS, VoIP and PSTN telecommunications, including both networks and devices.  

With Valid8, an operator can use a single testing platform, with one user interface, and one technology to learn to test for performance, conformance and load.  Unlike other technologies on the market, Valid8 is a turnkey solution with a clear upgrade path. As the telecommunications technologies evolve, Valid8 evolves to meet the new testing requirements.

Vald8 delivers multi-domain, multi-test, and multi industry capabilities in a single platform.

As the article states, 4G is not likely to sunset soon, your 5G testing technology must be able to handle both.

Learn more about Valid8’s 4G Network Emulator and 4G UE Emulator.

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