Project 25 CAP - The Importance of ISSI testing

In emergencies, it is critical that first responders have reliable technology to ensure seamless, efficient communication. The Compliance Assessment Program (CAP) was created to ensure that first responders are able to react and coordinate with each other either day to day or during larger scale events no matter what type of equipment make or model they are using to communicate.  

Typically, a responder might carry multiple radios to ensure communication with other responders in a critical event.  New technologies have simplified this, but need to be rigorously tested to ensure the reliability of communications. These new communication tools must provide seamless interaction between dispatchers, first responders, and support staff, each of whom may be using portable radios, laptops, dispatch consoles or some other interface. 

In addition, the various interfaces must be able to communicate smoothly. This includes the common air interface (CAI), console subsystem interface (CSSI), fixed base subsystem interface (FSSI) and inter-RF subsystem interface (ISSI). Testing of the reliability of these interfaces is critical. 

For ISSI testing, the current testing process is manual and extremely time-consuming. To properly test ISSI, a tester must take equipment to the first site and perform testing. He or she must then travel to the subsequent locations to perform the testing. This process can take weeks and tie up resources. 

The Valid8 platform delivers technology to streamline this test process. The test is easy to use, cost effective, and already proven.  

In December 2016, The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Science and Technology Directorate (S&T) Office for Interoperability and Compatibility (OIC) published its 2016 project 25 compliance program charter. The document outlines the P25 CAP program, and discusses the requirements for testing labs, providers and others. 

Since them, the DHS has continued to update the program, adding testing requirements for ISSI and CSSI interoperability testing for RFSS and CSS manufacturer equipment.   

The program is designed to help responders by reducing the number of communication devices they needed to carry.  Next generation technologies have allowed emergency services to enter the 21st century. The newer technologies bring innovations that make them durable, multi-purpose, and easier to use with improved the quality of voice communications. This new technology allows a first responder to have a single radio connecting them to a P25 compatible system for seamless communications. is pleased to have been able to demonstrate our capabilities to support ISSI and CSSI testing to the P25 group.  

Testing will be critical for these new technologies. Learn more about and our CSSI testing



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