5G Core and RAN Network Emulator Streamlines Testing In 2020

As we discussed in a previous blog post, testing on a 5G core network is a costly proposition. For sales organizations, having a simulated 5G core network can be critical to properly demonstrating their equipment at demonstrations or trade shows. Valid8 has developed a 5G core emulator as part of their industry-leading testing platform to offer another, more cost-effective option to address the challenge of testing on the 5G core network. 

The 5G core network emulator can be deployed in a lab environment or in cloud environments such as OpenStack® and VMWare®, to support development, demonstration, testing and training on 5G.   

The easy to deploy, highly configurable technology creates a realistic emulation of the 5G core for testing of base stations or other 5G nodes for things like protocol compliance.  

With the Valid8 5G Network Emulators, businesses realize benefits including resource savings, flexibility, adaptability and financial savings.

For businesses looking to find an economical way to test base stations and other nodes on the 5G network, Valid8’s solution offers a flexible, in house, cost effective option. 

Valid8’s 5G Core and RAN Network Emulator supports several use cases including standards verification, product demonstrations, issue simulation and university lab environment.

With Valid8’s 5G Core Emulator test engineers have the flexibility to emulate the 5G core in a lab or virtual environment. User-friendly, comprehensive, cost-effective and flexible, Valid8’s 5G Emulator includes extensive support and a clear upgrade path through Valid8. Businesses can be confident in their current and future testing.   

Download our White Paper on this important topic.

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