MOCN Testing

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Multi Domain

5G, 4G, FWA, IoT, MCX, VoLTE/IMS, Cloud/Lab

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Multi Purpose

Security, Performance, Conformance, Customizable, Flooding, Fuzzing, Handovers

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Multi Industry

Telecom, Automotive, Public Safety, Healthcare, Aerospace

Test, Demonstrate MOCN for Security and Performance

Testing MOCN equipment can be a costly and difficult.  The test lab may not have access to UE, RAN and Core network equipment and the costs to procure a real network is expensive.

Valid8's MOCN Testing Solution offers a user friendly, comprehensive platform to test MOCN equipment for conformance, security and performance, as well as demonstrate the equipment at tradeshows, customer demonstrations, etc.

The flexibility of Valid8’s cellular network emulation simplifies and streamlines the testing process, saving time and money, while allowing for a broader range of tests without incurring the high costs of cellular network time or real equipment. 

The solution includes: 

  • Deterministic – repeatable network conditions 
  • Configure specific test scenarios – e.g. Voice, SMS, Emergency call, handover, no response from network
  • Emulate specific PLMNs
  • Software-based but with RF hardware option if needed
  • 4G, 5G

Product Options

M5 Mobile UE Tester
Base Station Emulator for 4G eNodeB, 5G gNodeB RAN and mobile core to test UE devices including CPE router, phone, modem & IoT devices
Mobile Loader
Scalable Mobile 4G/5G NSA/SA protocol load testing solution for all interfaces including S1 S1AP, N2 NGAP, N3 GTP-U
Mobile Core Network Emulator
The software-based Mobile Core Network emulator mimics 5g Core (5GC) SA and NSA, LTE 4G EPC, and UMTS 3G Core stand-alone to test the RAN.
IMS Core Network Emulator
Emulate IMS network nodes and generate realistic traffic between network devices, including VoLTE IMS, SMS.

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