Valid8 Performs First Over-the-Air 3GPP MCX Client Test

Major Company Milestone as part of the NIST initiative

WAKEFIELD, Mass. – August 19, 2020:, Inc., a leading provider of test and analytics solutions for next-generation devices and networks, today announced the successful execution of an over-the-air (OTA) test of MCX as part of their 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) standard compliant testing solution for the mission critical communications industry.

Testing mission critical voice, data, and video, collectively known as MCX, is crucial to ensure manufacturer’s devices comply with standards that confirm successful operation during public safety emergencies.

The test (3GPP TS 36.579-2, 5.1, Rel 14) involved running a commercially available MCPTT client application on a Samsung X phone,over-the-air to Valid8’s 4G base station emulator and MCX Core.  The result was the successful execution of 3GPP TS 36.579-2, 5.1 registration.

The Valid8 MCX testing technology was developed as part of a cooperative agreement from the NIST Public Safety Innovation Accelerator Program. Valid8’s years of experience with mission critical push-to-talk and public safety testing solutions made them an excellent partner. The company’s MCX Client Conformance Tester is built upon the company’s deep protocol testing expertise and conformance testing prowess in MCX.

The success of this test shows the value of Valid8’s unique testing suite and development team.  When compared with other technologies, the creation and execution of the test were completed significantly faster with Valid8.

“We are excited to be at the forefront of this testing,” said Ian Carpenter, President of Valid8. “We seethe success of these initial tests to be just the start of the journey of helping companies more reliably and cost effectively test their equipment against 3GPP standards”

Valid8 has partnered with several vendors as part of the testing program to meet the NIST PSCR goal of a vendor-agnostic testing solution.

As part of the project, next generation MCX emergency communication systems will be able to be tested for compliance to the 3GPP MCX standard feature set as well as for their ability to handle critical spikes in loads during emergencies. This comprehensive testing will ensure that first responders’ communication systems are interoperable and interface securely and can be automatically updated with developing standards.

A demonstration of the new Valid8 tester was recently part of the PSCR Digital Experience event.

About Valid8:

Valid8 helps the world’s networks work by providing the best methods to simulate and test any network equipment and communication protocol. With 17 years of proven results, Valid8 believes that testing tools should start with a flexible and affordable base with the ability to customize solutions to needs.Clients should only pay for what they need. Valid8 is dedicated to customer success with a comprehensive support program providing direct access to engineers to assist with training, integration, and problem solving. Over 90%of customer feedback points to Valid8’s flexibility and service as the reason they have chosen to partner with the company. Valid8 has succeeded in giving clients a refreshing change from the testing status quo.


Ian Carpenter
President, Inc.

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