Valid8 to Participate at IWCE Panel on P25 Testing and Compliance

On March 27th, key players in mission critical and business critical communications will be meeting in Las Vegas, Nevada for the annual International Wireless Communications Expo (IWCE).  IWCE is an important annual event for communications technology experts to gather and network with other leaders in the industry.  Valid8 is excited to be a participant in a session focused on P25 testing and compliance, as well as an exhibitor at the event.  

The Importance of Mission Critical Communications

It is well known that emergency and first responders need the ability to communicate across a variety of devices and technologies.  As technologies have continued to evolve, the ability of these devices to interoperate and operate securely has become more of a challenge.  More than ever, tools must be in place to test for compliance with the Project 25 network.

In emergency scenarios, the reliability of communications is critical to successfully orchestrating resources and responding appropriately. New communication tools must provide seamless interaction between dispatchers, first responders, and support staff, each of whom may be using portable radios, laptops, dispatch consoles or some other interface.

P25 allows customization by vendors for different user purposes without sacrificing compatibility between devices.  For example, P25 ISSI enables different networks with different vendor equipment to interconnect with each other, cost-effectively expanding the network and offering future flexibility.

Among the various interfaces that must seamlessly communicate include the common air interface (CAI), console subsystem interface (CSSI) and inter-RF subsystem interface (ISSI). Testing the reliability of these interfaces is an important aspect of ensuring compliance and interoperability of devices.

Discussing New Technologies for P25 Testing and Compliance

On Wednesday, March 29th, at 1:15pm, in room N257, Ian Carpenter, President & CEO of Valid8 will be participating with a panel of experts as they discuss the evolution of P25 standards and the testing options available for testing during procurement, deployment and maintenance of P25 systems.  

Working closely with public safety equipment vendors & organizations over the years Valid8 has seen the interoperability challenges faced by public safety organizations.  It was from those learnings that the company developed our P25 ISSI CSSI Conformance Test Tool. These commercially available tools to conduct compliance and interoperability testing leverage Valid8’s Conformance Test Suites.  

P25 testing can be easy to use, cost-effective, and is already proven. Valid8 offers solutions to help streamline the testing process and ensure the interoperability of components.  

Visit Valid8 at booth 2415

In addition to the panel session, Valid8 will also be available at booth #2415.  Experts from the company will be on hand to answer any questions about our industry leading P25 compliance testing capabilities as well as other mission critical test applications.  For example, the Valid8 P25 ISSI CSSI Conformance Suites are suitable for testing compliance to standards for CAP, TIA, IETF in the P25 domain and include an implementation of the P25 CAP ISSI/CSSI Conformance Test Tool (ICC Test Tool / ICCTT).  

As one of the first vendors to perform a successful LTE MCX group call to P25 LMR via IWF Emulator, Valid8 is highly experienced and can help you with the testing tools to navigate P25 testing and compliance.

To learn more about Valid8’s P25 testing capabilities, visit our P25 ISSI & CSSI testing page.

To schedule a time to meet with one of Valid8’s experts during the show, visit our event calendar.

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