Connectivity: The 5G Era

Among the key topics at this year's cancelled Mobile World Congress was Connectivity: The 5G Era.

The MWC2020 website described "Connectivity: The 5G Era" as, "the enterprise connectivity ecosystem, from implementation, to use cases, scalable platforms, business models, spectrum, regulation, and investment to the business and cultural challenges of working with new and diverse markets/industries."

The 5G Era is creating new business models, growth opportunities and competitive advantage. For Businesses, there are many examples of opportunities that 5G will bring across industries. Whether it is more intelligent automation and more deeply integrated supply chains, the realization of autonomous vehicles, smarter power grids, and the creation of more innovative customer experiences, 5G's speed, low-latency, and pervasive connectivity will be a game-changer.

Testing the 5G network or testing devices to operate as part of this connected network can be a complex endeavor. Access to a 5G core for testing devices can be cost prohibitive, but necessary. Testing load and capacity on an existing 5G network bring complex challenges.

Valid8 has been at the forefront of mobile testing. Our 5G core network and UE testing capabilities provide an all-in-one, cost-effective solution for testing load, security and performance.

For example, Valid8's Mobile Core Testing Solution delivers an easy to deploy, highly configurable technology to demonstrate your network's capabilities, including:

  • Confirm SLAs
  • Generate Data, voice, SMS, MMS and IoT sessions
  • Enables generation of realistic, highly scalable virtual traffic alongside real over-the-air (OTA) traffic

In addition, Valid8 provides true, stateful, coordinated emulation across 5G.

  • Each instance has its own state-machine
  • Up to 100,000 device instances per machine, scalable
  • Erroneous behavior can be triggered in real-time via API at any layer
  • Full HTTP/2 support. JSON or Diameter payload

Valid8 delivers security testing capabilities to help ensure these mission-critical devices are secure.  This gives the device manufacturer complete autonomy and flexibility to create a comprehensive set of tests to thoroughly assess the device to any potential flaws that could impact its security.

As industries begin to integrate 5G, Valid8's 5G testing solution can be a critical component of any certification program.

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