Valid8 & Compliance Testing LLC Team up in P25 Conformance Testing

(Mesa, Arizona and Wakefield, MA) – March 30, 2023: Compliance Testing LLC, a leading provider of product testing, has partnered with, Inc, a leader in test and analytics solutions for next-generation devices and networks, to add “P25 CAP ISSI Conformance Testingto the full suite of Compliance Testing LLC’s P25 CAP testing services.  The addition of Valid8 will aid P25 manufacturers as they test all their P25 products for P25 CAP compliance and post on the DHS “Grant Eligible” equipment list, known as the P25 product “Gold Standard.”

Compliance Testing LLC provides P25 “System Certification” onsite System testing to P25 system owners such as counties, cities, states, airports and other government agencies. This will now include “conformance testing” as part of the Valid8 partnership announcement.

The Valid8 P25 ISSI CSSI Conformance Suites are suitable for testing compliance to standards for CAP, TIA, and IETF in the P25 domain and include an implementation of the P25 CAP ISSI/CSSI Conformance Test Tool (ICC Test Tool / ICCTT). With an easy-to-use interface and comprehensive capabilities, Valid8 can be used across the broad product lifecycle, from education to development, to pre-certification and final certification.  

Michael Schafer the CEO of Compliance Testing said, “I am very excited about adding the Valid8 Conformance Tool to round out our Lab’s P25 testing scope. We will now be able to perform every P25 test created by the Compliance Acceptance Program (CAP).”

“P25 testing is more critical than ever for the public safety industry,” said Ian Carpenter, President of Valid8. “The addition of our industry-leading platform to Compliance Testing creates a comprehensive test suite for certification testing.”    

The combination of technologies will be critical for both manufacturers’ and P25 users’ systems as they endeavor to meet all P25 requirements including P25 performance, interoperability, ISSI, CSSI and conformance testing.     

Schafer also believes this partnership will be especially valuable as part of the certification of P25 systems for counties, cities, state, and federal agencies, as well as for the military to periodically verify their systems, configuration changes, firmware, hardware and LMR infrastructure against the DHS CAP standards, ensuring readiness for the extreme situations for which it was built.    

Compliance Testing, LLC and, Inc are both exhibiting at the IWCE this week.  Visit Compliance Testing at booth 1738 and at booth 2415 to learn more about their P25 CAP certification capabilities.

About Compliance Testing, LLC

We provide reliable and accurate product testing for more than 50 years, for both equipment manufacturers & end users. Equipment Manufacturers - testing and certifications for global markets. End Users: Before you purchase- Verify compliance to TIA-102 standards and/or P25CAP. We create a custom test plan for your agency to verify compliance to the manufacturer’s features, services, and specifications. End Users: After you purchase- Subscriber Unit Certification for your system. We assess P25CAP compliance and your "User Defined" requirements (documents, test results, features and services). Interoperability Assessment - LMR system still P25CAP compliant; interoperable with other agencies? We audit your system to ensure it. Learn more at

About, Inc

Valid8 helps the world's communications networks WORK! We provide efficient, cost-effective methods to simulate protocols and test network equipment. Our testing tools are customer-driven, offering versatile customization and a comprehensive support system that provides direct customer access to engineers who assist with training, integration, and problem-solving. Over 90% of customer feedback identifies flexibility and service as the reason they have partnered with Valid8. With 20 years of proven results, Valid8 has succeeded in giving clients a refreshing change from the testing status quo. Learn more at  


Ian Carpenter 
President /, Inc.

Michael Schafer  
President / Compliance Testing LLC

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