Valid8 Completes DHS SBIR 23.1 Phase I MCX Technical Objectives

Wakefield, MA (January 29, 2024)  -, Inc., a leading provider of test and analytics solutions for next-generation devices and networks, today announced the successful completion of feasibility testing conducted in the DHS Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) 23.1 Phase I contract.  In this contract, Valid8 created, executed, and initially verified the Valid8 Mission Critical Services (MCX) Server test tool proof-of-concept to the current 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) specification TS 36.579-3 v13.2.0. As part of the process, Valid8 became the first company to execute automated Mission Critical Push to Talk (MCPTT) Server-to-Server tests on a commercially available MCX Server.  

The current specification 3GPP TS 36.579-3 v13.2.0 has two initial automatable MCPTT Server-to-Server test cases. As part of the project, Valid8 implemented those specifications into an executable form. Those specifications were then executed against Valid8’s MCX Server Emulator and a commercially available MCX Server.  This work demonstrates the feasibility of creating an MCX server-to-server test tool and the ability to perform server-to-server tests.

“This work is significant. We have successfully demonstrated the feasibility of creating a test tool that can execute and automate Mission Critical Server-to-Server tests,” said Winnie Carpenter, VP of Engineering at Valid8.  By completing these objectives, Valid8 is successfully able to answer “yes” to the following Phase I questions:

  • Can the tests defined in 3GPP TS 36.579-3 be implemented into an executable format using the Valid8 Protocol Engine platform? - YES
  • Can the tests be executed to a “pass” verdict on a commercial MCX Server using an MCX Server Tester tool? - YES
  • Can commercial MCX Servers be used to verify the conformance Test Tool?   - YES
  • Does a conformance tool assist with achieving interoperability for MCX Server-to-Server communications? - YES  

Lastly, achieving these objectives produced a very important and practical result by documenting and demonstrating a process to verify the accuracy of validation of an MCX Server-to-Server Conformance test tool.  This process framework has been utilized and proven numerous times by Valid8 to create next generation test tools quickly and well.

Valid8 has been at the forefront of MCX testing and possesses years of world class experience in developing the most advanced mission-critical public safety testing solutions available. Valid8’s MCX Conformance Testers are built upon the company’s deep protocol testing expertise and conformance testing prowess in MCPTT, MCVideo and MCData.  

About helps the world’s networks work by providing the best methods to simulate and test network equipment and communication protocols. With 19 years of proven results, Valid8 believes that testing tools should start with a flexible and affordable base with the ability to customize solutions to needs. Clients should only pay for what they need. Valid8 is dedicated to customer success with a comprehensive support program providing direct access to engineers to assist with training, integration, and problem-solving. Over 90% of customer feedback points to’s flexibility and service as the reason they have chosen to partner with the company. has succeeded in giving clients a refreshing change from the testing status quo. For additional information, please visit


Ian Carpenter
President, Inc.

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