Valid8 Announces Simul8r Product

New Rapid Development Toolkits for Protocol and Application development

WAKEFIELD, MA -, Inc., a leading provider of test and analytics solutions for next-generation devices and networks, today announced the general availability of the Simul8r product. The product is designed to provide users the ability to create, customize, and run message flows for simulated protocols. 

Each toolkit within Simul8r focuses on a specific area (e.g. mobile security), interface (e.g. 5G N2) or protocol (e.g. SIP). These toolkits are extensible by the end-user or by Valid8's engineering services.

Designed for development efficiency, Simul8r’s rapid capabilities through the Edit-> Run -> Debug cycle give operators the flexibility needed to easily adapt and extend the technology to meet ever-changing requirements.  As part of the broader Valid8 product offering, customers will now be able to test expanded scenarios, using the Simul8r toolkit to quickly test the S1AP interface in a sandbox with impaired messages, for example, before using Valid8’s Core Network Emulator.

“Simul8r represents a significant step forward for testing protocols, interfaces and areas,” said Stuart Allen, Chief Architect at  “By removing development friction and focusing on helping users get quick results Simul8r vastly reduces the time and effort to produce working solutions across our protocol portfolio.”

The extensible simulation toolkits are available for many protocols and application areas including CAP, COAP, Diameter, GTP, HTTP, HTTP2, LCSAP, MAP, Megaco, NAS-4G/5G, NGAP, PFCP, Radius, RANAP, S1AP, SBCAP, SIGTRAN,  and SIP with new protocols being continuously added.

Simul8r offers wide applications across industries including telecommunications, medical and healthcare, defense, public safety, and higher education.

Visit the Simul8r page on for more information.  

About Valid8:

Valid8 helps the world’s networks work by providing the best methods to simulate and test any network equipment and communication protocol. With 19 years of proven results, Valid8 believes that testing tools should start with a flexible and affordable base with the ability to customize solutions to needs. Clients should only pay for what they need. Valid8 is dedicated to customer success with a comprehensive support program providing direct access to engineers to assist with training, integration, and problem solving. Over 90% of customer feedback points to Valid8’s flexibility and service as the reason they have chosen to partner with the company. Valid8 has succeeded in giving clients a refreshing change from the testing status quo.


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