Unveiling our Rebellious Testing Ideas at Last Week’s Mobile World Congress

For the 4th year in a row, Valid8.com was honored to be an exhibitor at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona last week. This year, we were sharing our rebellious new idea that simple, agile, network testing solutions are all you need, without being weighed down by complex, bloated testing tools.  Our timing couldn’t have been better, as

1)      IoT is growing: This may seem obvious, but this year’s MWC2018 focused on more, innovative technologies that will push the limits of mobile technology.  With sessions focused on smart cities, and ensuring digital inclusion for all, the networked world is growing, with more devices driving Artificial Intelligence (AI), 5G, cloud computing, machine-machine (M2M), robotics, and connected cars.  


2)      Network Security is critical: With the number and variety of IoT devices continuing to increase, many tracks focused on the security of devices and networks.  From network security to cybersecurity in the context of IoT, to emerging trends, to Malware, Bots, and phishing, it was clear that MWC attendees engaged in constructive discussions around this critical topic, with many practical ideas shared.


3)      Agile Testing is Important: As companies visited our booth to speak with us, it was clear their interest was with an all-in-one emulator that can support multiple protocols.  During our live demonstrations, visitors were excited to see the value that Valid8 can bring to their testing in time and resource savings.


4)      Testing Requirements will only increase: If there is one thing that was apparent at the Mobile World Congress this year, at least from our vantage point at Hall 1, Stand: 1G60, the testing needs of mobile devices will be growing for the foreseeable future.  Whether it is testing a new IoT device, or load testing a new network, businesses need the agile, cost-effective testing that only Valid8 can deliver.


As always, the Mobile World Congress was a tremendous event and a success for Valid8.com. 

With the exponential growth in IoT devices and the expanding loads on networks, now more than ever telecommunications and IoT device companies should be re-evaluating their approach to conformance, network, and device testing, with an eye toward simplicity and agility. 

Valid8 is the one partner that can address these evolving needs. For more information on Valid8 and why we are the testing company that’s different, visit us at www.valid8.com.  If you are ready to change your approach toward testing tools, contact us today.


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