The Convergence of POTS, SIP, T1 with IMS and 5G

For many network providers, voice testing technologies for things such as POTS FXO/FXS, SIP and T1 are slowing being phased out by their providers.  The technology that operators have used to test fixed lines such as POTS, SIP,  and T1 is becoming end-of-life, while at the same time requirements to test VoLTE/IMS and 5G are becoming more important.

There is a convergence happening, where traditional fixed lines are transitioning to the new technologies.  However, this convergence will happen slowly, and continue to require “older” technologies that must be tested to ensure voice quality, scalability and performance.  

Some carriers facing this end-of-life scenario may chose to visit online auctions to purchase equipment when theirs fails, and will be forced to take ownership of software with no upgrade path.

Now is the time to make a change to the way you perform testing.  

Valid8 brings all the testing for theses varied services under a single technology and hardware platform.  Our M3 Technology platform delivers capabilities to meet the current testing need for voice & video technologies with a clear path to evolving networks.

The Valid8 platform brings the following advantages to network providers facing end of life testing tools:

  • Clear upgrade path for new technologies such as 5G and IMS
  • Active commercial support
  • Easy automation
  • Smart network impairments emulation including iMix
  • Flexible deployment options including hardware, software and cloud

POTS lines  are not going away anytime soon, but your testing hardware for it is coming to an end.  Contact Valid8 to discuss how we can meet your current and future testing needs.

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