Testing the RAN Base Station Throughout the Lifecycle

The Radio Access Network represents the part of the modern telecommunication infrastructure that connects individual user equipment (UE), such as mobile phones and IoT devices to the rest of the network. The explosion of IoT technology in the form of technologies for smart devices and self-driving cars has increased the importance of reliable RANs to the overall network.

The RAN is generally composed of a base station and antennas designed for a specific level of coverage, along with components for the core network.  For 4G networks the base station is known as Evolved NodeB (eNodeB) and for 5G Next-Generation NodeB(gNodeB).  

Successfully installing a RAN is a complex logistical project, often with steps that need to be performed in remote locations.  The ability to perform tests through the process saves time and resources. Valid8’s industry-leading capabilities are flexible to support testing at various stages throughout the lifecycle.

There are critical steps in the lifecycle of the RAN where testing can help ensure that the RAN is functioning properly, has the correct configuration and is ready for deployment.

Staging: Typically, the base stations arrive at the warehouse and need to be unboxed, tested, and prepared for deployment in the field. This may involve kitting of components and connecting to the eNodeB.

Deployment: Often the deployment of the RAN occurs in remote or rural areas with limited access to resources or infrastructure. There are often time delays connecting to the core network. During deployment, an additional test of the base station can confirm that it was not damaged in transit.

Repair: When a base station malfunctions or has an issue, it will be shipped back to a warehouse for troubleshooting, often not the warehouse in which it was initially received. Quickly diagnosing the problem to determine the issue and commence repair is important to returning the technology back into service.

Valid8 has recently published a whitepaper entitled, "Testing the Base Station RAN for Staging, Deployment and Repair" where we discuss the different steps in the base station lifecycle and how Valid8's flexible testing platform can streamline the steps, saving time and resources.

Download the whitepaper to learn more.

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