M5 Delivers All-in-One Solution to Test Embedded Cellular Device Security, Performance & Mobility

Valid8.com, Inc., a leading provider of test and analytics solutions for next-generation devices and networks, today announced the availability of the Valid8 M5 Mobile UE Tester for embedded device testing – a significant update to its mobile products suite for device testing. The M5 UE Tester includes handover and security testing. The Valid8 M5 platform provides accelerated troubleshooting, reporting and testing cycles through a powerful set of tools, all controlled through and easy to use web UI or REST API.

The M5 UE Tester represents a significant step forward for testing a variety of data-centric devices including embedded, routers and modems. Widely used by the world’s leading organizations and labs to help reduce complexity of device testing through the quick isolation and presentation of issues, the M5 UE Tester is saving test engineers valuable support time and costs.

The M5 UE Tester builds on the proven Valid8 platform for security, performance and mobility by delivering a comprehensive network emulation solution that can be flexibly deployed. Valid8 allows companies to test mobile technology, such as embedded 4G LTE, without the high costs of testing on a commercial network. The simulated environment gives operators full control to best fit the testing scenarios.    

Some of the key capabilities being introduced with the M5 Mobile UE Tester include:

Lower Cost Per Test: Valid8 has continued to add automation and simplicity to their technology, driving down the cost per test.

Increased Test Environment Flexibility: By allowing the ability to configure the simulated environment to meet specific testing needs, users can safely perform penetration tests and other security tests that could not typically be performed on a public network.  

Comprehensive Test Menu: Enables testing of a variety of data-centric cellular devices including: IoT, embedded, modems, routers & hotspots.

Actionable/Collaborative Reports : From a user-friendly interface screen users can quickly see test results, uncover any issues, and drill-down as needed. Historical tracking allows for trend analysis and reports. Reports can be easily shared with the rest of the team, or integrated into a 3rd party reporting tool.

“Our M5 Mobile UE Tester is the right product at the right time,” said Ian Carpenter, CEO of Valid8. “With the evolution of new technologies, but the need to continue to test current and legacy technologies as well, operators need a tool that’s user-friendly, automated, and well-supported. The M5 is a perfect fit.”

Valid8’s M5 Mobile UE Tester provides businesses with a comprehensive network emulation solution with flexible deployment options and a low total cost of ownership. To learn more about Valid8’s performance, security, load and conformance testing, visit www.valid8.com.

About Valid8:

Valid8 helps the world’s networks work by providing the best methods to simulate and test any network equipment and communication protocol. With 17 years of proven results, Valid8 believes that testing tools should start with a flexible and affordable base with the ability to customize solutions to needs. Clients should only pay for what they need. Valid8 is dedicated to customer success with a comprehensive support program providing direct access to engineers to assist with training, integration, and problem solving. Over 90% of customer feedback points to Valid8’s flexibility and service as the reason they have chosen to partner with the company. Valid8 has succeeded in giving clients a refreshing change from the testing status quo.


Ian Carpenter
Valid8.com, Inc.

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