Preparing Your Technical Support Teams for 5G and IoT

With 5G quickly becoming a reality, businesses, particularly service providers and equipment vendors, will need to prepare their maintenance and services team to deal with 5G, IoT and other new technologies as they emerge. It will be important for the teams to understand how these networks are different from what they have traditionally had to monitor and maintain.

Valid8 can work with the corporate training organization at a service provider or equipment vendor to help establish a curriculum that provides hands-on activities to give the staff the confidence level to work with the equipment. In a controlled environment, technical staff can see the big picture around how 5G ties into the rest of the network, and equipment. Valid8's ability to not only simulate networks, but devices on the network, can help the maintenance teams train in diagnosis and remedies of potential issues that can impact the overall network.

The introduction of 5G offers a tremendous opportunity for service providers and equipment vendors to bring the entire compliment of their service and maintenance teams up to speed on the new technologies. Perhaps a 3G technician has decided it's time to learn about 5G. Valid8 offers the controlled, highly realistic environment for that type of training.

For service providers and equipment vendors, the next few years will be challenging as they attempt to bring their company up to speed on new 5G and IoT technology. The faster the business can have all maintenance and services technicians trained on the conformance, performance and security of 5G networks; the more consistent their service levels will be.

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