Multi-Purpose Mobile Network Testing with Valid8

The 2019 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona was held Feb 25 -28, 2019. We were excited to once again be part of the exhibition. At our booth, we demonstrated Valid8’s capabilities and benefits of our Multi-Domain, Multi-Purpose, and Multi-Industry testing platform. We have discussed what we mean by Multi-Domain. This week we will discuss Multi-Purpose.

Testing networks and devices is a complex process. Networks must be secure, able to handle fluctuations in load and support the ever-growing number of IoT devices connecting. Devices also need security, specifically from penetration hacks or other types of attacks such as denial of service (DoS).

But how to test these networks and devices in an efficient way? For networks, simulating a large number of connecting devices can be complicated. For devices, testing on an active mobile network can be costly, and restrict the ability to perform a comprehensive battery of tests.

Many operators and device manufacturers cobble together solutions to perform these different types of security, performance and conformance tests. When they have specific use cases, the must either find another tool to perform the test or learn to code the scenario. Again, the challenge becomes managing different technologies, with different interfaces, and customizations that limit any upgrades.

Valid8 has developed our testing technology to take this complexity away. Our platform supports customizable security, performance, and conformance testing within a single technology. Valid8 delivers Multi-Purpose testing that includes:

  • Security
  • Performance
  • Conformance
  • Flooding
  • Fuzzing
  • Handovers

Valid8 can simulate a large number of virtual devices for a network load test and our network simulator can replicate a mobile network for device security testing. With our customizable technology, the network conditions can be changed to test a full suite of scenarios and the Valid8 platform offers multiple deployment options, in a lab or cloud environment.   

This flexible, single, easy to use, easy to customize platform simplifies the work of operators & equipment vendors as they test devices and networks for performance, conformance, security and load capabilities. Unlike many technologies, Valid8 has a clear upgrade path, eliminating the concerns of the platform reaching its end of life, and the Valid8 support team is always available to help.

To learn more about our broad capabilities, visit our Solutions Page.

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