Multi-Industry Testing with Valid8

We had a great time at this year’s 2019 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona! Our booth experienced a steady flow of visitors stopping by to better understand Valid8’s capabilities and the benefits of our Multi-Domain, Multi-Purpose, and Multi-Industry testing platform. In the weeks leading up to MWC we discussed Valid8's Multi-Domain and Multi-Purpose testing. In our final post of this series, we’ll discuss our Multi-Industry capabilities.

Communications is no longer the domain of telephone and cable companies. Wi-fi and wireless technologies have opened the opportunity for any device to leverage communication protocols to connect to the internet. Whether it is a sensor, router, or a baby monitor, thermostat, or a door bolt, consumer and industrial devices are including IoT enablement as part of their feature set to create a competitive advantage.

With this explosion in internet-enabled devices comes new challenges, many were discussed at Mobile World Congress. How can networks handle the ever-increasing load of these new devices which use small amounts of bandwidth but create increased traffic? How can these devices be protected from attacks or hacks from 3rd parties?  

Valid8 has developed our testing technology to help businesses across industries better prepare their technologies to participate in the IoT. Our platform supports customizable security, performance, and conformance testing within a single technology. Valid8 delivers multi-purpose testing for devices and networks for security, performance, conformance, and load.

For the Telecom provider, this means the ability to simulate devices and test the load capabilities of the network.  

For the Automotive, Healthcare, and Aerospace industries, Valid8 simulates a 4G, 5G or other networks to allow for deep device security and performance testing without incurring the costs of using an active network.

For Public Safety, this includes MCX, P25 testing to ensure that in an emergency all devices can communicate with each other.

Valid8 understands the unique challenges faced by various industries as they react to the exponential growth of the Internet of Things. Our customizable technology, dedicated support team and industry expertise make Valid8 the perfect partner to help navigate 5G.

In addition, Valid8 has a clear upgrade path, eliminating end of life platform concerns that are typical with testing systems.

If you didn't have a chance to visit us at Mobile World Congress, stop by our Solutions Page to learn more about our broad set of capabilities.

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