Valid8 participates in remote Plugtests for MCX Testing program

We were excited to be part of ETSI's first remote Plugtests(™) for the MCX Testing program. The Plugtests ran from December 2018 through January 2019. This was Valid8’s second year as a participant in this event and we focused on supporting test cases that involved the diameter protocol of MCX Testing. Specifically, we leveraged our industry leading conformance, performance and security testing platform to test exchanges and message sequences for some of the participating companies.

"As we’ve seen mission critical technologies continue to evolve beyond MCPTT to MCDATA and MCVIDEO, and the importance of interoperability growing, we understand the significance of MCX Testing and have increased our level of engagement with ETSI each year. We were pleased with the results that we were able to uncover and look forward to the opportunity to participate in ETSI-sponsored events in the future." said CEO & President, Ian Carpenter.

The work being done through ETSI is crucial to ensure interoperability between technologies and standard compliance. When technologies leverage standard communication protocols, first responders can have peace of mind that communication will be timely and fluid during an emergency.

Visit to see the Plugtests press release and learn about the organization’s events, history, vision and mission. Learn more about Valid8’s MCX Testing on our solutions page.

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