Valid8's eNodeB Tester Delivers Comprehensive Solution for Base Station Testing

eNodeB's are a critical component of mobile network architecture. The eNodeB element on the base station is the point of connection between the network and mobile devices (UEs). As independent controllers, base stations on the mobile network must be capable of handling high peak loads, and meet conformance standards on Iu, S1, Xn and NG. Valid8’s single solution for base station testing makes it easier than ever to ensure your network is prepared.

eNodeB is an evolved technology. The 2G generation used GSM technology and base transceiver stations. NodeB was introduced along with UMTS radio technology in 3G, which required a Radio Network Controller. With the introduction of eNodeB over LTE for 4G, a controller element was no longer necessary, simplifying architecture designs and accelerating response times. With 5G, the next generation of base stations will use NR radio technology in the gNodeB.

Valid8’s eNodeB Tester delivers a comprehensive testing solution for all the various base station technologies within a single platform. Through the tester, operators can perform performance, conformance and load testing of BTS, NodeB and eNodeB, including Peak Load Conditions using real UE’s, Virtual UE’s, or a combination of both, as well as conformance testing on S1.

The Next Generation Base Station tester includes the following:

  • Real UEs
  • UE Emulator
  • Variable attenuator for triggering handover
  • EPC
  • IMS
  • Test suite – S1
  • Multi-band including CBRS band

Network reliability is more critical than ever, with new IoT-enabled devices coming online daily. Operators need the confidence that their architecture is able to handle the increasing load, with a specific focus on the initial point of contact between base station and the UE’s.   

Learn more about Valid8's eNodeB Testing Capabilities.

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