Latest Product Release Includes Updates to Cell Broadcast System Testing Capabilities

Valid8 is excited to announce new product features in the most recent update to our industry leading testing platform.  The new features deliver a broader range of testing capabilities to companies needing to test implementations of Public Early Warning System (PWS) which utilizes the Cell Broadcast System (CBS) system with Cell Broadcast Center (CBC) over the cellular network.

Some of the key capabilities included in this update include:

  • 5G support – Valid8’s Simul8r suite now supports testing of 5G NGAP as well as 4G SBCAP and 3G SABP protocols
  • Load Generation – Originate or terminate SBCAP, SABP, HTTP call flows at high load to measure how well the Device Under Test (DUT) performs under stress.
  • Security testing – Observe how the DUT behaves when sent erroneous and torturous messages, including flooding, too large, too small packets, malformed messages including ASN.1, SBCAP, SABP, NGAP, HTTP errors.

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Valid8’s testing platform provides businesses with a comprehensive network emulation solution with flexible deployment options and a low total cost of ownership.

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