Ian Carpenter Discusses Valid8 ISSI/CSSI Equipment Testing at APCO 2019

This week, public safety communications officials, communication center managers and public safety communications equipment and services vendors will be attending APCO 2019 in Baltimore Maryland. The event includes four days of educational session, meetings and special events.

Ian Carpenter, CEO of Valid8 will speak August 13 at 2:45 pm during a session titled, "ISSI/CSSI Testing: The next frontier for P25 CAP". The location is room 343-344 at the Baltimore Convention Center. Carpenter will be available at at the DHS Science and Technology Directorate, booth #659 before the session.

During the session, Ian will be sharing the details of the Valid8's P25 ISSI CSSI conformance testing technology. The technology is capable of testing many protocols and interfaces in the wireless and wireline network including S1AP, X2AP, F1AP, Diameter, HTTP2, PFCP, GTP, SIP, P25, ISUP, H.323 and many others. As part of the presentation, Ian will share the results of recent lab and field tests.

Learn more about Valid8's P25 ISSI CSSI conformance testing technology.