International Women's Day 2022

For International Women's Day on 8 March we recognize Usha Aradhya, Senior Software Engineer, in our India office. Usha is a solution-driven wireless engineer adept at contributing to the collaborative work environment, finding solutions and determining customer satisfaction. She has 10+ years of experience in the telecommunication industry and has built products by contributing to the design, implementation, and testing. 


When not at work, she spends time mothering her 6yr old son. Usha joyfully states “My son is so inquisitive about everything, most of the toys will end up dismantled. The love I have for my son is so infectious that I can't help but radiate it onto anyone I cross paths with.”


She enthusiastically adds "Valid8 is a great place to work which inspires the passion of employees, Valid8 has got a winner’s attitude! No problem is too complex to solve, no mountain too high to climb. Valid8 clearly shows determination to beat the odds and we love it."

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