Industry X - Blending IIot

Among the key topics of this year's cancelled Mobil World Congress was "Industry X".

The MWC2020 website described Industry X as, "a blend of new technologies like industrial IoT, big data, analytics, AI, robotics, 3D printing and machine learning." Through this blend of technologies, "industries can unlock new revenue and engagement models with customers, employees and partners."

The combination of IoT and other technologies creates new opportunities. The last few years have seen major appliances become "smart". Self-driving smart cars are no longer science fiction. In the industrial arena, there are many examples of businesses using industrial IoT (IIoT)to drive down costs and improve efficiency. Whether it is a manufacturer using IIoT for predictive maintenance of robots to reduce lost time due to repairs or driving more supply chain efficiency by predicting the need for replacement parts, the integration of technologies is impacting the bottom line.

Testing IIoT as part of an integrated ecosystem can be a complex endeavor. IIoT can include testing the device, testing apps that connect to the device, and testing the network to be sure it can handle the load a multitude of concurrent devices.

Valid8's Internet of Things testing capabilities provide an all-in-one, cost effective solution for testing load, security and performance.

For example, the Valid8 IoT Load Tester is a fully automated solution that addresses the unique challenges brought by IoT testing by supporting a wide range of protocols, industries, and manufacturers. In essence, Valid8 can simulate a city's worth of IoT devices to help measure load.

Valid8 delivers security testing capabilities to help ensure these mission critical devices are secure. This gives the device manufacturer complete autonomy and flexibility to create a comprehensive set of tests to thoroughly assess the device to any potential flaws that could impact its security.

As industries begin the transformation to IIoT, the need for high network availability and security become more important than ever. Manufacturers need to ensure that their equipment network is capable of managing the load, and that the IoT devices are secure. Valid8's IoT testing solution can be a critical component of any IIoT certification program.

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