Testing Platform Provides Training For Tomorrow's Network Professionals

With the emergence of 5G and the Internet of Things comes an increase in demand for network professionals with hands-on experience configuring, testing and maintaining this new wave of technology. Not only will students need expertise in 5G and IoT, but foundational skills with 4G and "older" technologies.

Many colleges and universities are exploring ways to move students beyond theory and into controlled, laboratory environments where they can "learn by doing". Often, these institutions are operating on constrained budgets, with limited funding for new, expensive, technologies.

Valid8 offers a unique, cost effective platform for institutions that want to expand their students' horizons and give them real-world experience in a controlled, simulated environment. With Valid8, students are able to achieve the following:

  • Set up User Equipment (UE) devices including phones, routers, IoT devices
  • Set up virtual Core and IMS Networks
  • Set up monitoring probes
  • Understand the security & performance differences between different network generations
  • Run test scenarios in real-time simulating positive and negative test cases
  • Review, analyze and understand the results
  • Create different scenarios to test any network component

If emerging internet technologies is a core component of your college or university, Valid8 is the right partner to help you expand the skillsets of your next generation network professionals. Valid8 has worked closely with multiple institutions, and offers a pre-built curriculum that can be customized to the institution's needs.

In addition, the Valid8 platform can be delivered in a cost effective manner, creating minimal budget disruptions.

Visit our SOLUTIONS page to find out more about our testing products and CONTACT US about mutually beneficial partnership opportunities.

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