What's the Future of Fixed-Network Testing?

We at Valid8, along with our partner, Global Telecom Partners, are excited to be discussing the current and future state of fixed-network testing tomorrow, Wednesday, June 19 at 11:00 am eastern time. If you are unsure if this WEBINAR would be relevant to you, here are a few reasons why you might attend.

  • Fixed-Network Testing is Part of Your Responsibilities -- Clearly the most obvious reason to participate is that you are currently responsible for fixed-network testing, which generally includes any network component that is wired, such as cable routers, PBX's, media gateways, etc.
  • The Testing Market is Changing -- If your responsibilities do include fixed-networks, you are likely aware that the test market is changing. We will be discussing those changes and how they impact testing.
  • Fixed Network Testing is NOT Going Away -- While much of the market conversation involves innovative, mobile network technologies such as 5G, fixed-network applications, and the requirement to test them does not appear to be going away. During the webinar, options focused on continued support for fixed-network testing will be explored.
  • Taking a Pro-Active Stance -- Much of the shift in fixed-network testing is recent news. Experts on the webinar will be discussing long-term strategies that can be applied to ensure continued testing capabilities with an eye toward future testing needs.

We are excited to be hosting this webinar tomorrow. Attendees will learn the following:

  • The current state of fixed-network testing requirements
  • On market options available to operators for testing the variety of network components
  • The impact sun-setting technologies are having
  • Other options available to operators and equipment vendors

There is still time to register for this interactive event. Follow this link to be part of the discussion.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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