Security Testing Devices on Public Networks – A Costly Exercise

Security Testing Devices on Public Networks – A Costly Exercise

With the ever-increasing level of devices that are becoming mobile enabled comes an increased risk of hacking of those devices. Security with a mobile device is critical, but is even more so as the use of mobile technologies move from home devices to industrial equipment. Self-driving cars, planes, buses, and other pieces of critical infrastructure are making more use of 4G and mobile networks for diagnostics and other activities. It’s one thing for an internet enabled refrigerator to be hacked, but what about self-driving car?

Security will be critical for companies that provide industrial devices that include embedded 4G LTE technologies.

Traditionally, these businesses might security test these devices right on the public 4G network, but that bring excessive costs and limits the breadth of testing. A company testing on a 4G network can expect to run into spending overages quickly. In addition, a public network is not deterministic nor does it allow changes to fit the testing scenarios or specific types of tests such as a penetration test.

For these companies, it will be critical to have an environment that can replicate the 4G public network, but allows for a flexible, changeable environment to support a wide variety of security tests.

Technologies like’s M3 Security and Performance Testing reduce the cost and the flexibility needed to test mobile devices. With this tool, a company can simulate a 4G network and perform exhaustive levels of testing, including penetration and performance testing. This significantly reduces the cost to test, as the device is on a virtual 4G network vs. the public network.

Companies that provide mobile-enables industrial solutions can benefit from a more flexible test environment, a lower cost per test, a rapid and flexible deployment, and overall more efficient and comprehensive test process.

Leveraging this type of testing allows businesses to ensure that the technologies they offer have been extensively tested to be as secure as possible, providing piece of mind to their customers.

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