Critical Communications in Dubai offers Global Networking, Interactive Sessions

As the Critical Communications Association states in their pocket guide, “Critical services must be able to cope with high peak demands and provide ubiquitous coverage, as well as extremely high guaranteed availability, reliability and resilience.” Unexpected events that put individuals' or group’s safety or security at risk can happen anywhere at any time.  In some cases, these events occur far from populated areas or can include a degradation of commercial communications.

Critical communications services must be secure, reliable and interoperable to enable efficient response and use of public safety resources during these events.

Exhibition in Dubai

From May 14 – 16, industry luminaries from around the globe will gather at the Dubai World Trade Center in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, to discuss important topics during the Critical Communications World Conference.  The wide-ranging event will cover broad topics with a focus on connectivity across the critical communication spectrum, specifically connecting securely internationally, with all players, and leveraging innovation.  

Valid8 is proud to be an exhibitor at this event.  Located at stand E48, Valid8 solutions experts will be on hand to answer any questions and share their expertise in areas such as MCPTT, MCData, MCVideo as well as NG911/112.  Having been approved by DHS P25 CAP for ISSI/CSSI testing and successfully demonstrated end-to-end NG911 network emulation,  Valid8 delivers unique, cost-effective capabilities for the testing of mission critical network equipment.

Critical Communication Panel Discussion with Ian Carpenter

On May 15th, at 1:00 pm, in Theatre A, Ian Carpenter will join a panel of experts from Ericsson, Nokia and Capgemini to discuss the challenge of ensuring the security of critical communications.  The session, “Panel: How to Ensure the Security of Critical Communications?”, will include a wide-ranging conversation that will be sure to offer insights for the broader critical communications community.

Valid8 Critical Communications Test Capabilities

Valid8 offers a broad range of configurable and cost-effective mission critical testing solutions. Our automated tests can be run over 5G, 4G or ethernet.  Valid8 delivers product capabilities for

• Generating mission critical traffic load to test an MCX Server

• Wrap-around testing for MCX xMS nodes

• Conformance testing on MCX and P25 ISSI interfaces

• Emulation of MCX Server, IWF and P25 RFSS and P25 Console

• Security testing of known vulnerabilities of MCX, 5G, and 4G protocols

Valid8’s MCX solutions enable testing of SIP, Diameter, MBMS GTP and RTP/RTCP with Floor Control on the 4G/5G mobile network up to 3GPP Rel 16. It includes test scenarios for MC-PTT (Push-to-talk), MC-Data and MC-Video.

Valid8’s NG911 emulation includes emulation of the entire network including Mobile Caller, LNG, BCF, ESRP, ECRF, LIS, PSAP, Default PSAP.

Valid8 P25 ISSI CSSI Conformance Suites are suitable for testing MCX IWF compliance to standards for CAP, TIA, IETF in the P25 domain and include an implementation of the P25 CAP ISSI/CSSI Conformance Test Tool (ICC Test Tool / ICCTT).  The company has been an active participant in the annual ETSI MCX Plugtest events.  

We look forward to seeing you at the show!

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