5G and IoT Emulation for Education and Training

5G and IoT Emulation for Education and Training

A 2014 Forbes article quoted Michael Porter, a professor at the Harvard Business School, as saying that, “IoT represents a ‘third wave’ revolution in Information Technology. Whereas the first two waves drove major productivity gains in specific sectors of economic activity, like channel optimization and supply chain integration, the Internet of Things means that products themselves are actually part of the productivity shift. Products will become ‘smart’ and ‘code-able.’ People - and machines - can give inanimate things instructions on what to do. In the IoT, ‘things talk to other things.’”

As this blog has often discussed the Internet of Things and 5G are transforming both the business world and private lives of the population. Innovative technologies appear regularly, creating new jobs. Information and communication technologies are creating jobs to the level that, according to the McKinsey Global Institute that by 2020 there will be a potential shortage of 38 – 40 million college educated workers.

Many educational institutions have seen this shift and are including courses on IoT and other technologies as part of their curriculum. A quick google search reveals many online courses and some at the institutions. But, it is still a small list and the opportunity exists for educational institutions to include this type of technology.

For existing information and technology companies, who have long tenured employees with dated technological experience, the need has arisen to bring these experts up to speed with emerging technologies or face a shortage of resources.

Training or formal courses are only the beginning. To provide students or employees with a comprehensive education, the curriculum must also include hands-on work with the current technologies driving IoT, such as 5G, 4G LTE and 3G. Without hands-on experience, the students or employees will learn concepts they likely will quickly forget.

In response to this critical need, Valid8.com has the tools needed for an institution or corporation to create and execute a complete training and education curriculum. Valid8.com's industry leading network emulation coupled with conformance, performance, load and security testing technology enables institutions to provide hands-on experience in areas such as:
  • IoT Network & Protocol
  • 5G LTE Network & Protocol
  • 4G LTE Network & Protocol
  • 4G LTE RF Network Planning
  • 3G LTE Network & Protocol

For educational institutions, the lab environment that Valid8.com can establish enables educators to deliver a more effective technology curriculum. Beyond the lab, we help businesses with their corporate training programs through instruction on our industry leading tools, and by assisting them with the content via our relationship with leading institutions.

If your institution or corporate training department is not currently offering a comprehensive curriculum around mobile and internet technologies, now is the time to explore it.

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