5G End-to-End Testing at 2023 Mobile World Congress

The last few years have been filled with uncertainty and challenges as telecommunications continued to move towards 5G technology.  The Great Resignation saw a dramatic loss of experienced operators with decades of operational knowledge. A lack of experienced workers,  the pandemic, inflation and fears of a recession have slowed the rollout of 5G.  

There has never been a better time for telecommunications professionals to gather and discuss these and other challenges while exploring innovative technologies to drive the acceleration of technology rollout and adoption.

In just a few weeks, industry leaders, experts, and innovators across the telecommunications space will gather again in Barcelona for the 2023 Mobile World Congress.  A key event every year, MWC offers opportunities to learn, network and be inspired.  The broad themes being explored during the Mobile World Congress this year include:

  • 5G Acceleration
  • Reality+
  • OpenNet
  • FinTech
  • Digital Everything

Valid8 is excited to again be a participant at this event.  In our many years participating in the Mobile World Congress we have learned new insights and shared our unique expertise. Our team will be exhibiting in Hall 5, Stand 5K36, and we look forward to sharing our experience and knowledge around end-to-end 5G testing and learning more about the challenges facing our industry as they continue to create new value across the 5G ecosystem. 

The Challenges of 5G Testing

Since its introduction, the 5G mobile architecture has been more than just new, faster radios. 5G represented a dramatic design change to mobile network design to better support the ever-increasing requirements for bandwidth, reliability, and security.  

The combination of hardware and software to authenticate subscribers and devices, personalize policies and route traffic requires that new base stations or nodes that need to connect to the core network be thoroughly tested. Until recently, those options for testing were resource or cost-prohibitive.

Testing this complex infrastructure can be difficult.  With a variety of data flow and components from different vendors, ensuring proper testing is performed requires a solution that enables the entire end-to-end 5G network such that the component being tested can be isolated and tested.

Valid8’s 5G end-to-end testing addresses this complex issue.  Our ability to emulate the complete 5G network makes it easy for operators to incorporate a new piece of equipment, such as a base station or piece of core network, into the testing process and ensure it performs properly.  

Valid8 simplifies and streamlines the testing process, making it repeatable, a critical point in an era of limited experienced operators.

New Strategies for Security Testing

Some analysts predict that 5G subscriptions will skyrocket to nearly 4 billion by 2027.  This creates networks with increased access points and the potential for security issues.  Testing the network and connecting devices will be more critical as device and network reliability continue to be essential.

Valid8 offers a variety of solutions for security testing across the 5G network.  Whether it is testing the network functions (NFs) or UE devices for load, security and performance, Valid8 has the solution to help test devices with a high level of confidence.

The Strategic Role of Partners

This year, we’ll be welcoming two of our partners to our booth at the Mobile World Congress. DVTEST and Vanu will be available to answer questions about their mobile solutions.

Vanu enables mobile network operators to profit in off-grid markets that cannot be covered profitably by using legacy telecommunication equipment and traditional business models. Currently, 1.2 billion people lack connectivity. Vanu helps mobile network operators profit by serving this market.

DVTEST is a wireless test company specializing in the design and production of RF test enclosures and wireless test systems. Demonstrating a passion for ultimate performance, these robust and durable RF test enclosures shield unwanted signals in device testing resulting in better measurement results.

We look forward to engaging conversations and insights at this year’s Mobile World Congress.

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