5G - $12 Trillion in Goods and Services by 2035?

5G - $12 Trillion in Goods and Services by 2035?

At CES 2017, Qualcomm CEO Steve Mollenkopf delivered a keynote highlighting Qualcomm's vision of the future of 5G. It is clear that Qualcomm sees a tremendous opportunity with this new technology.

Mollencompf noted that 5G is not just a step improvement from 3G and 4G, but rather a completely new kind of network technology with the ability to support a wide array of devices with a scale never before seen.

He noted that 5G has already started to have an impact in areas such as robotics, artificial intelligence, autonomous vehicles and nanotechnology, creating what he called an, "Invention Revolution", a time of rapid innovation never before seen.

At the core of Mollencompf's keynote where details from the 5G Economy study released by an independent research firm commissioned by Qualcomm. The study, based on the responses of 3500 relevant technology innovators, thought leaders, and decision makers suggests the impacts of 5G in the future.

According to the article, "The study found that 5G’s full economic effect will be realized across the globe by 2035, supporting a wide range of industries and potentially producing up to $12 trillion worth of goods and services. The study also revealed that the 5G value chain (OEMs, operators, content creators, app developers and consumers) could alone generate up to $3.5 trillion in overall aggregate revenue by 2035 and support up to 22 million jobs, or more than one job for every person in Beijing, China."

Based on the article, it was clear that the audience was deeply engaged as Mollencompf spoke about the impact 5G will have, bringing, "the Internet of Things (IoT) together—from appliances to autonomous vehicles* to drones, health care, wearables and, well… everything."

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