Cost Effective Security Testing


Multi Domain

5G, 4G, IoT, MCX, VoLTE/IMS, RCS, Cloud/Lab

Multi Purpose

Penetration Test, Denial of Service, Vulnerability, Customizable

Multi Industry

Telecom, Automotive, Public Safety, Healthcare, Aerospace, Private 4G/5G Networks

Test How Networks and Devices Respond in a Real Deployment

Valid8's Security solution offers network service providers the ability to safely test the network's response to scenarios such as:

  • Will it properly handle Control plane and User plane traffic?
  • Will it conform to 3GPP standards?
  • How will it perform under compliant and non-compliant load?
  • How quickly, efficiently does the network recover from failure, including failover and recovery time

For UE Device Manufacturers, Valid8's Security solution offers and invaluable, cost-effective tool to test performance and security scenarios such as: 

  • Verifying connections to specific PLMNs in a deterministic network environment
  • Identifying what happens with invalid messages
  • Testing load

For Firewall manufacturers including GTP, SIGTRAN/MAP SMS, Diameter, SGi, Valid8 offers the ability to safely test the response to scenarios such as:

  • Will it properly handle compliant and non-compliant message flows?
  • Testing load

Products Included

Security Testing Examples

SGW Security Test

eNodeB Security Testing