Cost Effective Financial Technology Testing

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Multi Domain

5G, 4G, IoT, MCX, VoLTE/IMS, RCS, Cloud/Lab

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Multi Purpose

Penetration Test, Denial of Service, Vulnerability, Customizable

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Multi Scenario

Automation, Security, Data Integrity, Performance, Failover

Test How Networks and Devices Respond in a Real Deployment

The Financial Technology industry faces unique challenges in their use of technologies to stay current with with evolving mobile innovations.

Whether it is the use of smartphones for mobile banking, investing or borrowing services, or interactions with cryptocurrency, financial technology companies (FinTech) must deliver products and innovations that both keep pace in a rapidly changing market and ensure security, performance and data integrity.

Some of the challenges faced by Fintech includes the following:

  • Compatibility with a range of devices, platforms, networks, and operating systems
  • Security testing and active monitoring for compliance
  • Lack of finance knowledge in a DevOps environment
  • Expectations for time to market impact time for testing
  • Limited testing expertise

Valid8's innovative Fintech solution offers investment banks, banks, low-latency/high-frequency traders, insurance companies, payment gateways and more the ability to safely test their application and network's response to scenarios such as:

  • Automation Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Data Integrity
  • Functionality
  • Performance - How will it perform under compliant and non-compliant load?
  • Failover - How quickly, efficiently does the network recover from failure, including failover and recovery time?

Why Valid8

  • We help companies save time and money.
  • The Valid8 team brings decades of testing Expertise
  • HTTP JSON API expertise. Fintech API. client or server side.
  • Cost effective
  • Clear ROI
  • Test suite contents
  • Negative test: High load of requests
  • Negative test: Time zones

Product Options

Simulation Toolkits
Extensible simulation toolkits for many protocols and application areas including CAP/CAMEL, COAP, Diameter, HELD, HTTP2 REST, GTP, LCSAP, LOST, MAP, Megaco, NGAP, NG911, NAS 4G/5G, PFCP, Radius, RANAP, S1AP, SBCAP, SIGTRAN, SIP, using Simul8

Security Testing Examples

API Security Test

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